The Bull gives Killeen the thumbs-up

Published on 17 July 2010 by in Latest News


If there’s one man in Ireland qualified to know a good sports ground, it’s John Hayes.

The Bull has been at the top of his profession for years – and that profession involves spending Saturday after Saturday at the bottom of rucks.

When The Bull gives a pitch the thumbs-up, it is no whimsical endorsement. And when he approves of the work of a grounds maintenance company, it’s time to feel chuffed.

We’re chuffed. “I am very familiar with the work of Killeen Sports Grounds, and the most thing that impresses me is the passion they have for getting it right,” he says.

“They take great care to produce a pitch that acts almost like a magnet, pulling people out to play on it. With that attention to detail, it doesn’t surprise me that Peter and the lads have been contracted to look after so many pitches all over Ireland.”

He added: “For a front row forward, having a nice surface is very important – we pass so much of our time with our heads stuck in that very surface!”

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